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BlackBox Component Builder Release 1.7

International, 2016-09-16 - Good news, the most recent version of BlackBox Component Builder is now 1.7. Written in Component Pascal it follows the tradition of Pascal/Modula-2/Oberon languages. The BlackBox Component Builder runs in Windows and Linux/wine.

BlackBox Component Builder is an innovative IDE (integrated development environment) originally developed by Oberon microsystems of Zurich, Switzerland. Besides efficient compilation and modern software engineering features such as garbage collection, strong typing, and object orientation, it is unique that it allows program execution within the IDE itself; without starting an external operating system process. This provides for very efficient compile-load-execute cycles, comparable with scripting languages. It also enables simple interfacing to built-in components. Each component is a module; a unit of compilation and a unit of execution. It is document centered, but not exclusively. It provides easy access to form and view subsystems which can be embedded in a document. All modules are fully described in their own document.

Release 1.7 contains fixes for all known issues since 2013, when BlackBox Component Builder was turned into an open source project. It also contains significant enhancements such as the localization of the framework to different languages (e.g. Cyrillic, Chinese), full Unicode support for identifiers in the Component Pascal language and automatic recompilation of a set of subsystems. The new release can be downloaded from

ABOUT is run by the BlackBox Framework Center, an international community of volunteers dedicated to maintaining and improving the BlackBox Component Builder. Current executive members are from the US, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Australia, Russia, and China. The BlackBox Framework Center was formed in 2013 and started its work on version 1.7 in 2014. For more information, see

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