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To fix some bug or create a new Center feature a member should follow these instructions:

  1. Create the issue in the Center Issues tracker with a unique issue number N and make full description of the problem and it's solution if such exists
  2. Create the branch with GitHub online interface with name "issue-#N" (Media:Makebranch.png)
  3. Create the topic in the issues discussion section of the Center Board with a reference to the issue description

Further actions need discussion and coding by Center members. The Chair will then create a vote. If the vote passes, the topic branch should be merged with the master branch in the web-interface of GitHub.

Before voting

Before voting about any issue-#N it is good to have a trial version of BlackBox with all fixes. For doing this you need to work with Git a bit:

0. Add your ssh-key to GitHub: https://github.com/settings/keys 1. Clone the repository from GitHub

git clone git@github.com:BlackBoxCenter/blackbox.git

2. Switch to branch "issue-#N",

git checkout issue-#N

3. Make changes and commit them with some message containing description + "Refs. #N."

git commit -a -m "The description. Refs. #N."

4. Push this commit to repository

git push

Then The BlackBox Build Engine will prepare a demo BlackBox automatically here: http://blackboxframework.org/unstable

The repository contains only sources, so for editing at the third step you need to use other copy of BlackBox or to build BlackBox from sources using the instructions from README file.

More information can be found here: How to develop with Git.

However this work is not necessary, you can just post the annotated solution in the forum and the admin of Chair will execute this.