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The BlackBox Framework Center periodically spends money for its operation. This memo describes the tasks of the financial manager and the required steps/logins.

Domain name

The domain name needs to be paid annually. Currently it costs USD 12.99 per year. The next expiration date is September 14th, 2019.

Login at or

user: <dnsUser>

password: <dnsPassword>

Go to "Renew My Domains", then "My Domains list". In the resulting list with one entry for '' click "Renew Domain". If the user interface has been changed, look for something similar. Open the shopping cart and proceed with payment via PayPal.

"WhoIs Privacy" is not really required and costs additional money. Until now we are not using this option.

EDIS server hosting

EDIS server hosting for a virtual root server package (VRS - VRS STARTER) costs EUR 4.99 plus tax per month. The IP address of the virtual root server is, located in Switzerland. It runs a Debian 7 (Wheezy) 32-Bit Linux operating system.

Payment method is set to PayPal. Payment can be automated by a repeating transfer from a PayPal account.

For managing financial aspects EDIS provides a web-based client area.

Login at

email: <edisUser>

password: <edisPassword>

Note: If the treasurer changes, customer data can be updated via the client area but some fields are read only and require a change request sent via e-mail from <edisUser> to

PayPal and Gmail account

The center uses a PayPal account for collecting donations and for paying the fees. The name of this PayPal account is an e-mail address connected to the account. The e-mail address is a Google mail address ( and the same user and password is used for the Edis customer account, the Paypal account, and the Gmail account. The PayPal account has been upgraded to a 'business account' (free of charge) in order to be able to create the 'Donate' button on the center's web site.

email: <edisUser>

password: <edisPassword>