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oo2c translates Oberon-2 source code into a variant of C supported by the gcc family of compilers. It uses a variant of SSA for its intermediate representation, and performs common optimizations like common subexpression elimination, invariant code motion, constant propagation, algebraic transformations, and dead code removal. The compiler relies on Boehm's gc for garbage collection.


1. Download binary distribution and install it: https://sourceforge.net/projects/ooc/files/ooc2/2.1.11/

sudo make install

2. Download last sources from: https://github.com/Spirit-of-Oberon/oo2c

git clone https://github.com/Spirit-of-Oberon/oo2c

3. Compile last version of oo2c from repository:

cd oo2c
make cvsclean
make $OOC_DEV_ROOT/oo2crc-install.xml
/usr/bin/oo2c -M --config oo2crc-install.xml oo2c
make install BOOTSTRAP_COMPILER=bin/oo2c


oo2c used for building H2O for making import modules for Oberon and Component Pascal.