Updating the Git master branch

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This page describes how to update the Git master branch with the changes in an alternative branch.

This task should be conducted by the Center Chair after a vote has approved the proposed changes.


Close the issue

  • Click on the issue. You can use either the number "#" or the "Subject" in the list of issues.
  • You now need to be logged in.
  • Select the "Edit" option (upper right hand corner).
  • Change the "Status" to "Closed".
  • Check that the "Target version:" is set correctly. (This might read "1.7.2" in December 2018.)
  • "Submit" to apply the change; this button is in the bottom-left corner.
  • Exit redmine.

Merge the branch

  • Use the drop-down on the left of the page "Branch: master ▼" to select the required branch. The branch is identified by its issue number.
  • You now need to be signed in.
  • Press "New pull request" button just to the right of the previous drop-down.
  • Click the large green "Create pull request" button.
  • Click the large green "Merge pull request" button. This assumes there were no "conflicts with the base branch".
  • Click the large green "Confirm merge" button.
  • You should now have a box that says "Pull request successfully merged and closed". In this box click the "Delete branch" button.

Check the new build

This should be the end of the task.

You can confirm the master has been built successfully by going to: http://blackboxframework.org/unstable/master/.

I find this as below; there may be a more direct route:

  1. Go to the Center page: https://forum.blackboxframework.org.
  2. Click on the top level yellow option "Main page"
  3. Click on "Download BlackBox" (bottom of top-left region) which takes you to the Download page.
  4. Click on "A repository of all Center development versions is available here".
  5. Click on the "master/" directory.

Check the date / time of the latest master. It may take a few minutes before the new master build is available. If the build failed, inspect the build log. If the problem cannot be identified, notify the administrator of the build engine.

Archive the discussion

For this task you must have Moderator status on the BlackBox Framework Center board.

  • Goto the topic where the discussion took place.
  • At the bottom select the "Quick-mod tools:" option "Move topic".
  • Click "Go".
  • Select as the destination "Resolved". Note that there are several "Resolved" forums, take care to select the appropriate one.
  • Important: Uncheck "Leave shadow in place".
  • Click "Yes" to the question "Are you sure you want to move the topic into a new forum?".