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BlackBox Component Builder can be localized, i.e. adapted to a different language, by the following steps:

  1. Select the ISO_639-1 two-letter language code (e.g. ru for Russian, fr for French). For information on all language codes see all ISO_639-1 language codes.
  2. Adapt all Strings.odc files for the new language and put them in a subdirectory named after the two-letter language code (e.g. Rsrc/ru/ for Russian, Rsrc/fr/ for French). All keys (left column) must be the same as in the default Strings.odc files.
  3. Adapt all documentation files and put them in a subdirectory named after the two-letter language code (e.g. Docu/ru/ for Russian, Docu/fr/ for French). All file names must be the same as for the default documentation files.
  4. If you encounter links to other documentation files adapt the window title and the link text (e.g. for French change <StdCmds.OpenBrowser('Docu/Tour', 'Guided Tour')>Guided Tour<> to <StdCmds.OpenBrowser('Docu/Tour', 'Visite guidée')>Visite guidée<>. It is not required to also change the path to 'Docu/fr/Tour' since the command StdCmds.OpenBrowser opens the documentation file according to the selected language, if available.
  5. It is possible to only translate a subset of all documentation files. References from an untranslated file to a translated file will continue to work and will show the untranslated window title. References from a translated file to an untranslated file should be localized as described above and will open the untranslated file with a translated window title. Thereby a translation can be added later without changing the already existing translated file that contains the reference.
  6. In order to make your translation available to others it suffices to pack all newly created files together with their directory structure starting from the BlackBox root directory into a .zip file and unpack that .zip file into an existing BlackBox installation.
  7. Any two-letter subdirectory of System/Rsrc/ will be offered automatically for the language selection in the Edit->Preferences dialog.

There is ready localization package for Russian language: http://comp.molpit.org/blackbox/russian.txt